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3S corporation is establish by Hoang Chau company was established in 1997. It operated worldwide in Vietnam. It had projects, which were executed and fitted up lightning protection systems and electric equipments in Vietnam. More, Our company receive to supply, fit up and execute of lightning protection systems, H.V - M.V and L.V industry electric systems of factory, office and supper flat with prestige and high quality products. With prestige and high quality, our company attracted big customers as well as contractors such as : REE; ROSACO; SUNLIGHT; COFICO; PMT; HAINAM; SANG TAO; DONG THO; HTE ; TECHGEL; SEARIFICO; LILAMA, EVN POWER ULTILITY COMPANIES : HA NOI POWER COMPANY , PC 1 , PC2 , PC3, SOUTHERN PROJECTS POWER COMPANY, HO CHI MINH POWER COMPANY , CAN THO POWER COMPANY , SOUTHERN HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSMISSION LINE , TRANSMISSION LINE NO. ,3 , 4 .... COMPANY , AND ALL OF POWER CONTRACTORS .
You will feel happy and satisfy when use our products.
Đối Tác Của 3s Corporation
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